Finja Invest - Add Money

How to add money to your account

You can add money to your Finja Invest account either by a Bank Transfer or by Debit Card transaction.

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Add Money via Bank Transfer

To add funds to your account please use your Finja Invest Account number.

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open your Mobile Banking application

2. Select “FINJA EMI” from the list of banks available.

3. Enter your Finja Invest Account Number.

4. Enter your desired amount.

Add Money via Debit Card

Pay with our secured gateway powered by Bank Alfalah.To add funds to your Finja Invest account
via Debit Card.

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

Enter your desired amount
in the “ADD NOW” box.

Fill in the form with the
accurate card details.

Enter the OTP number
sent to you

Upon successful transaction
of your money

1. You will receive a
confirmation SMS

2. You will receive a detailed
receipt in your email.

3. The amount will be added
in your dashboard