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Investing & Risk

With Finja Invest, learn of the risks involved in Peer-to-Peer financing and mitigate them before investing so that you are able to secure the highest financial prosperity.

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How to invest & earn efficiently?

Investing is all about maximizing gains. When done rightly with a smart and efficient strategy, investments can prove to be the game changers in terms of returns on investments. Here are some strategies for you to follow and invest smartly.

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Diversification is the key

Peer-to-peer financing provides investors with a unique opportunity to diversify their investments amongst a number of borrowers. This helps the investor reduce the risk and maximize their gains as every borrower offers different returns.

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It all depends on the Borrower

Carefully evaluate, analyze and assess the borrowers on their credit and payment history and choose the one best suited for your investment terms.

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Stick to your goals

Plan a strategy and devise up your investment goals and keep at them.

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Keep investing, keep growing

When your investment goal is maximizing your gains, pulling out your investments early is not an option. Stay invested for as long as you can and watch your money grow at an unexpected pace.

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How we mitigate the risk factor?

Investment Redemption

Finja Invest will redeem your investments with your accrued profit, after a week (grace period) of the maturity date if the borrower fails to repay on time.

Closed-loop Financing

To secure the investor’s money, Finja Invest only does closed-loop financing. This means, the invested amount is directly disbursed to the distributor against stock the borrower purchases. Through this action, the financed amount is used by the Karyana Stores to flourish their businesses and share the profit with the investors at the end of the investment terms.

Finja Invest invests alongside you

To safeguard the platform's investors, under the license of NBFC, Finja Lending Services Limited will contribute 20% of capital in every investment that is given out.

Portfolio Verification

Every Borrower at Finja Invest goes through a vigorous screening process of over 100+ data points and several internal and external verifications. These are verified and checked by our robust AI analytics and further backed by our experienced professionals.

Wind Down Arrangements

If Finja Invest stops its operations under any unforeseen circumstances, the investors will be reimbursed the complete amount which they invested.

Risks involved in
Peer-to-peer Investment

Although, we follow every protocol and safety measure to secure your investments and account,
there remains some probability that your investments might be at a risk. Therefore, a few of the
risks are listed below, which are involved in Peer-to-peer financing:

Platform Closure

If under any unforeseen circumstances the platform chooses to shut down its operations the investors will only receive the principal amount.

Past performance can not guarantee future performance

For instance, past performance of an adequate investor cannot indicate future performance.

Late Payments

There is a chance that the borrower is not able to pay on time.

For better returns, choose Finja Invest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Peer-to-peer financing is a direct form of financing individuals or businesses, without the involvement of a middleman, like banks and other traditional financial institutions. The P2P process is simple; through an online platform, you can finance as many eligible borrowers as you want, depending on your risk appetite.
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Finja Invest is Pakistan’s first P2P financing platform, licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Finja Invest connects the investors to the SMEs (Karyana stores) in need of finances and in return offers short-term financing to the Karyana Stores and a promising return on investment to the investors. Learn more about us.
Any Pakistani citizen with a net-worth of at least PKR 15 million, who wants to maximize their investments and earn promising returns.

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