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in stock purchase for local neighborhood stores in Pakistan

  • Shariah Compliant
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About Finja Invest

Pakistan's first peer to peer financing platform regulated and licensed by the SECP. Our mission is to uplift our local business community by building passive capital streams and achieve higher income prosperity. Since, MSMEs are the backbone of the economy, we are committed to solving their financial gap in Pakistan whilst offering convenient investment options to individuals.

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Safe Investments

Since 2016, we have built and marketed financial services to the nation's underserved segments. Now, as a regulated NBFC, Finja has been providing short-term financing to MSMEs (Karyana Stores) in partnership with leading FMCGs and has created a sustainable financing book with a negligible default rate.

Earn Higher Returns

Investing with Finja Invest can allow you to earn higher returns relative to other traditional investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Investment Redemption

Finja Invest will redeem your investments with your accrued profit, after a week (grace period) of the maturity date if the borrower fails to repay on time.

Handpicked borrowers

Our Data tracking and Risk Assessment is built on top of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that consider over 100+ data points allowing you to access our prime borrowers that have a satisfactory repayment history.

Diversified Investments

Your funds can be split into multiple investments in one click. You have complete control, to select your borrowers, view their history details and invest your desired amount in as many businesses as you want.

Transparency to the Core

We have made our process as straightforward and transparent as possible, so that you are always aware of your money.

Stock Financing

Finja never disburses money directly to the ‘borrower’. Instead, your invested amount is disbursed to the distributor against the stock the ‘borrower’ (Karyana Store) is purchasing.

P2P Financing

Peer to peer financing platforms connects the new-age investors to the creditworthy borrowers and in return offers easy financing to the borrowers and high returns on investment to the investors.

Premature Encashment

Finja Invest allows the investors to liquidate their investments anytime they want with minimum discount.

Shariah Compliant

Finja Invest is a Shariah-compliant peer-to-peer financing platform, offering halal investment opportunities for investors.

We have been supporting thousands of local businesses since our inception

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Closed-Loop Financing

Finja Invest does closed-loop financing that means, the invested amount is directly disbursed to the distributor against the stock the borrower purchases.

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We take care of your investments

Trusted Platform

Finja is NBFC- P2P registered with SECP. We have a time-efficient management with sound business processes to allow complete transparency to our borrowers and investors.

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We take care of your investments


Finja has a thorough procedure of financing agreements, post-dated cheques, stamp paper and so on to certify that documentation has been finalized and is legal.

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We take care of your investments

Follow up & Recovery

Our compliance team has a strict policy and vigorous recovery process, comprising of our call center and field visits by our internal verification. We are in partnership with FMCGs and distributors such as P&G, Reckitt Benckiser. Therefore, if any shop owner fails to repay, their stock inventory gets blocked until further notice.

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We Manage Your Risk

In today’s world, earning higher returns requires investors to become comfortable in taking some risks. When it comes to peer-to-peer financing, probably one of the most significant risks is that some businesses or individuals may not be able to pay you back, to mitigate this factor, all the financing offered at Finja Invest is verified and comes with an easy redemption facility, which means that the investors reserve the right to redeem their investments if they expect the borrower to default.
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We invest alongside you

"We’re fully committed to digitizing the complete
supply-chain ecosystem in the country.
Our association with SECP will serve as
a precursor to grow the country’s
most important segment"

Qasif Shahid

CEO & Co-Founder (Finja)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Peer-to-peer financing is a direct form of financing individuals or businesses, without the involvement of a middleman, like banks and other traditional financial institutions. The P2P process is simple; through an online platform, you can finance as many eligible borrowers as you want, depending on your risk appetite.
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Finja Invest is Pakistan’s first P2P financing platform, licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Finja Invest connects the investors to the SMEs (Karyana stores) in need of finances and in return offers short-term financing to the Karyana Stores and a promising return on investment to the investors. Learn more about us.
Any Pakistani citizen with a net-worth of at least PKR 15 million, who wants to maximize their investments and earn promising returns.

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