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Learn about the risks involved in peer-to-peer financing and make informed investment decisions. 

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How to invest & Earn Efficiently?

Investing is all about maximizing gains. When done rightly with a smart and efficient strategy, investments can prove to be the game changers in terms of returns on investments. Here are some strategies for you to follow and invest smartly.

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Diversification is the key

Diversifying your investments in multiple portfolios can minimize the risk of default.

Stick to your goals

Plan before you invest and stick your investment goals.

Keep Investing, Keep growing!

When your goals are maximizing gains, pulling out is not an option. Stay invested and maximize your returns.

Investor & Borrower Protection

Experience the power of growth with RapidGrow. Earn monthly returns that provide you with a steady stream of income, all within a short timeframe. Ideal for those seeking consistent gains and looking to achieve their financial goals quickly. Take charge of your financial future. 

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Closed-Loop Financing

Your investments are never credited directly to the borrower, instead, the invested amount is paid against the stock the borrower purchases.

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Capital Protection

At Finja, we prioritize the security of your investments across our diverse array of products. When you invest in our thoughtfully curated portfolios, you can trust in our steadfast commitment to safeguarding your capital against the uncertainties of the market and unforeseen events. It's worth noting that our groundbreaking RapidGrow model operates on a shared-risk foundation.

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Handpicked Borrowers

The borrowers at Finja Invest are completely risk-assessed and credit-checked through vigorous checking of over 100 data points, our proprietary AI/ML engine enables us to maintain a strong portfolio with a negligible default rate.

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Early Redemption Policy

With Finja Invest, your capital is never locked as the platform offers easy Early Redemption of the capital for the investors with a minimal penalty.

Risks involved in Investing with Finja Invest

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Capital Protection
Easy Liquidity
Risk of Default
Default Protection
Investor Risk
Short-term investment
Premature Encashment
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