FMCG Supply
Chain Financing

Finja Invest’s closed-loop financing solutions are pivotal in supporting businesses in this dynamic sector.

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Why FMCG Supply Chain Financing Matter?

The FMCG industry operates at lightning speed. Staying competitive and meeting customer demands require readily available capital for businesses in this sector. That's where Finja Invest steps in.

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How to invest & Earn Efficiently?

Investing is all about maximizing gains. When done rightly with a smart and efficient strategy, investments can prove to be the game changers in terms of returns on investments. Here are some strategies for you to follow and invest smartly.

Invoice Discounting for Distributors and Wholesalers

In addition to our retail-focused solutions, we offer specialized invoice discounting solutions tailored for FMCG distributors and wholesalers. This approach allows them to optimize their cash flow by leveraging their stock purchases. It means they can manage their operations more efficiently, reduce the impact of delayed payments, and invest in growth initiatives.

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Proven Success and Partnerships

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Our Partners is FMCG Financing

VIZPRO is working towards the creation of a mobile financial services ecosystem that would enable distributors of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Segment to collect payments from retailers digitally. It helps distributors go cashless, thereby minimizing the cash-carrying risk and bringing efficiency. 
Finja Invest in partnership with VIZPRO extends its cutting-edge digital credit services to VIZPRO’s extensive customer base operating in the FMCG segment. This collaboration aims to further enhance the financial landscape for the FMCG supply chain network.

Together we empower the FMCG Supply Chain and our Investor's Network!

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Our Partners in FMCG Supply Chain Financing

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