Pakistan’s First
P2P Financing platform licensed

From idea to impact, discover the roots, passion, and vision that fuels Finja Invest's commitment to financial innovation and empowerment.

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Pakistan’s first licensed and regulated
Peer-to-peer Financing Platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, licenses and regulations stand as the bedrock of trust, security, and ethical practice. At Finja Invest, Pakistan's pioneering peer-to-peer financing platform, we recognize the paramount significance of adhering to licenses and regulations. These essential safeguards not only validate our commitment to ethical conduct but also ensure that every transaction conducted on our platform is secure, compliant, and in full accordance with the legal framework.  

Our Journey in Becoming a P2P Platform Operator


Operating Under Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan does not accept any responsibility for correctness of any of the statements and representations made or opinions expressed by the platform. SECP also does not provide any assurance for repayment of the investment made on it.

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